Thursday, May 2, 2019

My Ohio Journal

Pambling Roads ~~ Ohio

     We have been quite a few places in the last few months and we continue to explore. One of the things we noticed was how badly the drought was affecting the local community. The scenery was breathtaking, we can’t even imagine how gorgeous it would have been if everything hadn’t been so dry.


We stayed at the La Quinta in Mansfield, Ohio
We were within walking distance of the Cracker Barrel and Applebee’s restaurants, both of which I have never eaten.
The La Quinta was a great stay, as usual. Their hot tub and pool were very enjoyable. We met a gentleman from Wisconsin who was staying at the inn. My husband and he struck up a conversation about construction, the space program, and of course, he answered multiple questions about Wisconsin. (Targeted for 2014)

The Applebee’s was refreshing. Like I said before, we had never eaten at an Applebee’s. They had excellent service and downright good food. Even though they were very busy, the atmosphere was relaxing and we did not feel as if we were being rushed. I believe the servers name was Sean.

We dined at the Cracker Barrel, which also was a first for us. They too had wonderful service and great food. I believe our server’s name was Becka or Rebecca. I apologize for not recalling her exact name; she was very good.

Ohio State Reformatory:

      The State Reformatory is an author’s goldmine of ideas for plots, mysteries, and suspense.
It was a prison/hospital/reformatory with some pretty great ghost stories to go along with it. Opening its doors in 1886, it closed in 1990. Over 250,000 square feet of gothic, 19th century architecture it is in the process of being renovated.
      The Reformatory has been used in films and music videos. Ghost tours are available. There is a conference room for meetings. If you want to go with the “Shackled” theme for your wedding, you can have your wedding and reception in the grand historic Guard Room.

Yes, it was eerie and has been spotlighted and investigated by paranormal activity/ghost hunters. Not sure why the picture above turned out that way. A few of the pictures don't seem to make any sense. There was nothing behind me or next to me to cause any shadows with reflection or anything like that, nothing in the way of the camera to make it appear that way. Look at the orb like reflections in this picture below, so very odd.

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