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My Idaho Journal~~ Pambling Roads

 Meeting the Americans!

Pambling Roads ~~ Idaho


Pambling Roads, Meeting the Americans continues. Our travels bring us to Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful! We met people from all over the world and from all over North America. There wasn’t one moment when we weren’t rubbernecking to see everything we possibly could. I call Yellowstone the Animal Kingdom of the West.

We stayed in Idaho and drove to the park from there.




Rexburg, Idaho


Idaho is such a beautiful state. We stayed in Idaho because we wanted to be on the western side of Yellowstone. The Quality Inn was exactly that, good quality, good service, a good continental breakfast, and happy employees.

There were several families staying at the hotel from Utah (As seen by the multitude of Utah license plates in the parking lot). There was a young couple with small kids at the pool/spa while we were there. We chatted and had a wonderful time visiting with them. It was refreshing to know that not everyone who lives in Utah had perpetual frowns and were unhappy.

We were beginning to worry that the sense of entitlement and unhappiness was a Utah trait. So happy to have met this couple, they were wonderful, great sense of humor, and very enjoyable to be around.

Pambling Roads continues as we explore the western U.S.A. Our travels this time takes us from Idaho to Nevada, and then onward to Utah. We met so many different people from all over the world. It was absolutely one of the most memorable trips so far.




Nampa, Idaho


Sleep Inn was clean and comfortable. However, we did have a problem that was not rectified by management. The people above us were very noisy. The first night we didn’t say anything. Honestly, I think it was kids jumping around or maybe some very heavy footed people. We expect some noise, it’s just natural when you have a large group of people staying in hotels. These people above us were very, very noisy, to the point where we finally said something. We weren’t getting any sleep. Not sure if management went and said anything to them because the noise and banging didn’t stop.

It was over the 4th of July holiday. We pulled up some chairs, grabbed a couple glasses of wine, and enjoyed the celebration. From the hotel room we were able to see a few different towns in the distance celebrating with fireworks.

They didn’t ask us how our stay was when we checked out. I’m guessing they already knew and didn’t want to hear it?


During our usual tours of the area, getting a feel for the town and the directions we need to go we were driving down one road and saw this house. Wow, it was a replica of a castle. I made hubby turn around so I could get some pictures of it.

Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area


If you are involved with bird-watching or just enjoy it as an occasional hobby and are in the Snake River Canyon area, this is a great place to go. We saw countless different species of birds from falcons, eagles, hawks, and many we could not identify. The Snake River Canyon was probably the largest one I have seen so far and it did not disappoint us in any way. Absolutely beautiful.


Swan Falls and Swan Falls Dam


They have tours at the dam but tour times are very limited. It was closed when we were there. There were a decidedly happy group of people fishing in the area. It was lunchtime and we picnicked in the Swan Falls area with a breathtaking view. We saw a few boat and noticed a launching area.


Canyon Creek Restaurant

This was a restaurant we ate at on the 4th of July. It was located at another hotel (Shilo Inn). I have a few stars next to the restaurant with a note that says it was good. I wish I had thought to write more. It is common for me to write notes to myself, if it wasn’t good food or good service I put a “no” next to it and I avoid mentioning them in the travel articles. This did not have any note like that at all. So I’m going to recommend them as a good place to dine.

Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho

The Shoshone Falls are considered the Niagara of the West. There is a nice park with a trail that leads to the canyon rim. (Evel Knievel jumped there.) There are a few overlooks where people can get great views of the falls. The Falls are not as wide or vast as Niagara Falls. However, it is a deeper drop. It has a 212 foot drop and is 900 feet wide.

In comparison Niagara Horseshoe Falls is 170 foot drop and 2200 feet wide (Crestline). The American side of Niagara Falls is 70 to 100 feet deep and 850 feet wide (Crestline).

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My Tennessee Journal

 Pambling Roads ~~ My Tennessee Journal

Our travels have brought us all around the “lower 48”. We’ve tried to zip zag and circle through and around every state we could. Florida was where this endeavor started.


Bays Mountain Park

Pure glory! Hiking, biking, camping, and listening to the wolves. And learning about wolves.

Their howls are used for communication, preceding a hunt, to bring the pack together, to declare territory, etc. The wolves at Bays Mountain are captive born and are used to having people around. However, they are NOT tame.

It’s not just about the wolves, there’s so much more. If you love looking at the sky, and find it fascinating, check out the planetarium.




We stayed in Alcoa for a few days. We drove around and made notes of the places we wanted to see. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We were there for a convention, and didn’t get the extra time to explore.

What caught our interest?

The Millennium Manor Castle is constructed of stone and marble. Possibly haunted. The locals call it the everlasting house. Perhaps next time we’re in the area.



So much to see and do!


The Grand Olde Opry

Musician’s Hall of Fame


The Belle Meade Plantation

This is a Greek revival architecture. The tour is a must-do. There’s free wine tasting at the end of the tour. Obviously, you must be old enough to drink alcohol.

Don’t forget the gift shop, and checkout the other historic buildings on the property.

Hungry? The Harding House restaurant is there to please everyone’s palate.


We highly recommend doing the Nashville City Tour or the Trolley Tours.

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