Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My Vermont Journal ~~ Pambling Roads

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Pambling Roads Heads to Beautiful Vermont

A quick stop in Vermont where we stayed at the Best Western in Waterbury. The hotel was comfortable and very relaxing. The employees all seemed quite happy at their respective jobs. The pool was great and their hot tub was even better, helping to relax and unwind our sore muscles.

They had a restaurant on site and we couldn't have been more pleased. Good food, good service, and a server with a smile. Later that evening we went back to the bar for a few drinks.



If you can, try and stop by the Killington area, check out some of the local parks. There is more than enough to see and do, museums, covered bridges, hiking, etc.

A bit of a warning about Vermont drivers we encountered, perhaps they weren't having a good few days, but unfortunately; most of our drive through Vermont was dealing with rude drivers, pushy tailgaters, and very impatient people behind the wheel. Almost as bad as the Boston area...or Utah.

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